Saturday, September 24, 2005

Thoughts on the ban of homosexuals seminarians

The last few days, the world of Catholic bloggers has erupted on the supposed document that bans the admission of homosexuals to seminaries. Now there is yet to be any definitive word on if the document is even going to be released or not, since now some sources in the Vatican say there has yet to be any approval of any such document.

That aside, I will say that if the church and society were in good shape, and the issue of sexuality wasnt so warpped(and this applies to hetrosexuals as well, with the large amount of porn, "gentelmens clubs and the like becoming mainstream"), then a gay man who is celebate, who holds temptations in check, and views himself as not being part of the gay culture would not be a problem.

That said, the problem is that a very large number of priests view themselves as openly gay, and even the ones who are celibate, with them viewing themselevs as gay and part of the gay culture, they are clear and present dangers to the church and her integrity. It comes as no suprise that many of priests who have a gay inclanation also are less than orthodox, in terms of liturgy, in terms of how they present theology, dogmas and doctrines to their flocks, now there are allways exceptions, but the strength of the gay subculture in many seminaries to the detriment of hetrosexual seminarians shows how dangerous this issue has become for the health of the church. My opinion is that many bishops want to continue to admit gay seminarians not because they are for all of the gay agenda per say, but they want to keep the doors open because at least in the West, gay men are pretty much so the biggest source of vocations with "progressive" views.

I honestly feel sorry for the men who struggle with homosexual inclanations that are trying to put up a fight, trying to live a life of virture, trying to follow church teachings, and they need support, but with the past 40 years of the church falling apart, and the abuse scandals, feminine priests, clergy who make up their own doctrines, dogmas and liturgy up, it is a risk the church can not afford to make. Likewise, not all hetrosexual men are fit for the priesthood as well because of twisted sexual desires they may have.


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