Sunday, September 04, 2005

Some thoughts on the last week

The destruction and suffering in the New Orleans area bring into perspective that the world is far bigger than any of us, in what can be often petty aspects of our own lives and communities. The destruction is staggeing, an entire metro area has been evacuated, the disruption will last for months, and unthinkable, there are over one million people displaced and possibly thousands dead, and all of this in what is the United States.

As a pundit said, whoever died in the hurricane itself was the result of a natural disaster, whoever died in its aftermath was a man made disaster, and while there is plenty of blame on all levels of govrenmnet to go around, one must wonder why Bush was not more forceful in his initial response to this disaster. While of coruse the initial response, or therefor lack of is mostly on the shoulder of the local authorities, one wonders why he didnt to to Baton Rouge Tuesday to at least give the apperance of him being in charge and to show moral support to the victions of Katrina. One wonders why he wasnt more forceful in getting emergency forces under federal control in place. It seems Mr. Bush is obsessed with Iraq, and delegates most every thing else. Many questions to be asked here.

Lastly, one thing that distresses me is how so many so called "conservatives" defend Bush no matter what, with 5 cent Limbaugh talking points. It seems mainstream conservatism is every bit as bankrupt as liberalism was by the late 70s.


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