Saturday, September 24, 2005

Problems in growing TLM mass attendance

While many blogs talk about the growth of the TLM in their diocese with many large, young familes, that is not the case everywhere. Here at Holy Family in Columbus Ohio, there are many things going for the weekly TLM indult. There is a supportive pastor(Fr. Kevin Lutz), the weekly mass is a high mass, the Pastor makes sure the TLM will be celebrated for all days of obligation and high feast days as well.

That said, attendance, while it has gone up in the last 2 years while I have been going to mass at Holy Family, still is not growing as it should. While there are some young familes, and a decent amount of young adults, the conregation tends to skew older. The most fustrating thing is there isint the increase in the number of young familes that all have hoped for when Una Voce Columbus first started two years ago to promote the mass. Here I will give what I think are the two main reasons why there hasnt beenthe growth that other indult communities have experienced.

1.) Mass Time- While the start time of the mass at 9AM is not unreasonable, it is not optimal either. It takes a while to get a family going in the morning, especially is there is a distance to travel to get to the indult mass, and at my old indult mass location(chapel really) in Sacramento CA, St. Stephens, the 10:30 AM mass was by far the best attended, and anything in the 10AM-11:30AM range is the most optimal as far as attdence is concerned. Also a 9 AM start time makes it difficult for many young adults who may be intrested in attending the TLM as well to check it out.

2.) A Traditional leaning Novus Ordo parish.- I blogged about this parish a month ago, St. Patrick ran by the Dominicans not too far from Holy Family. It has none of the flashpoints that pople usually associate with the Novus Ordo, and for orthodox Catholics in the area, it is hard to convince them to try to attend the indult. Also St. Patrick has 4 mass times on Sunday as well(5 if one counts the 6PM Sunday vigil mass). To me, this is the bigger reason why the indult is not growing as it should at Holy Family, and again, the liturgy done here is very traditional compared to the vast majority of suburban parishes in the diocese. Trying to convince many who attend here, who would be otherwise well disposed to attending the TLM is not an easy task.

If anyone has any suggestions(the best comparions would be trying to grow the TLM communities in Detroit and St. Paul-Minneapolis if face of competition from well done Novus Ordos), I would like to hear them.


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