Sunday, August 21, 2005

Abnormal missa ordo

While I do prefer the old mass, also known as the Traditional Latin Mass(TLM), I am not as dogmatic, for lack of a better word in saying the New Mass(Novus Ordo) is invalid and the TLM is the only real mass. That is not to say I agree with how the Novus Ordo was constructed, that isint to say there are severe issues in how it was translated, not to mention it has too many options, but that said, it can be celebrated in a reverent manner, that can bring much of it in line with tradition.

Today I got up a little late to go to the indult mass here in Columbus, so I went to the 10:30 AM mass at the Dominican staffed St. Patricks . This parish is the Columbus equivlent of St. Agnes in St. Paul MN or The Assumption Grotto in Detroit, and while it is not as "high mass" as these two other parishes, it retains many elements of tradition, such as no EMHCs, no altar girls, no female lectors, all kneel at the altar rail for communion, and traditional hymns, many in Latin. The preaching is very orthodox, the pastor sermon of today was being about how the desire of Christ was to be all united to his sucessor the Chair of Peter, The Pope. The parish also has RCIA classes taught by the priests staffing the parish.

The mass was packed, and there were many young familes, and many young adults, and by seeing the size of the familes, it was clear they were following the full church teachings. This brings me to the point despite the fact this mass was a Novus Ordo, mostly in English, the mass, this parish is far closer to what one would find to the TLM than what would typically take place at a suburban parish. If one wants to see what the so called "reform of the reform" would look like, they would very well see it here. It is also ironic that the parishes that seem to be the most successful in having people follow church teachings, being faithful to the magesterium, and producing vocations, are the parishes that have many so called "pre Vatican II" elements.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


With regard to St. Patrick's - absolutely.

I think it's interesting that you didn't catch the 11am at Holy Family, and instead went to St. Patrick's. I love Father Lutz, and fully respect his preference for the traditional liturgy. In spite of his tradition-mindedness, though, his Novus Order att 11 is considerably less 'traditional' than any Novus Ordo at St. Patrick's. I wonder why that is?

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Blogger John Bianco said...

Fr Lutz inherrited Holy Family from Mnsr. Sweizter(sp), and he was known to be pretty liberal, so by the time Fr. Lutz came to Holy Family, elements such as altar girls and EHMCs were allready firmly in place. One has to choose their battles, but hopefully there will be some progress on these issues, especially with the new priest Fr. Corveaux(sp) being there.

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